There are a large number of Irish and Irish-based businesses involved in Space-related industry. Some of these are listed below, along with a brief description of their products and services.

ANDOR technologies

High-quality Scientific cameras and CCDs designed for low-light operation. Based in Belfast.

National Space Centre

World-class Carrier grade teleport facilities from Elfordstown Earthstation. Based in Middleton, Co. Cork.


Low cost silicon photomultipliers with rangefinder and remote sensing applications. Based in Cork.


Responsible for the design, development and production of the Vulcain Engine Supports for the Ariane 5 program working with Snecma Moteurs, France. Based in Dublin.


ÉireComposites is an innovative design, manufacturing and testing company, involved in lightweight, high performance fibre-reinforced composite materials, with an international customer base in aerospace, wind energy, marine, Formula 1 racing and general automotive sectors.Based in Galway.


Enhancing the properties of Titanium and other materials for use in Space and Aerospace applications. Based in Cork.


ACRA CONTROL is a world leading supplier of airborne data acquisition networks and recording systems and real-time data processing ground stations to the aerospace industry. Based in Dublin.

Measurement Specialities

Design and manufacture precision thermistors and customer probes used for temperature sensing in aerospace, biomedical, automotive, industrial and consumer goods applications. Based in Galway.

Farran Technologies

Design and manufacture a wide range of millimetre-wave Components and SubSystems. Based in Cork.

Eblana Photonics

Supply high performance lasers to a wide range of industries including fiber optic communications, aerospace, medical instrumentation and industrial sensing. Based in Dublin.


Specialise in the design and manufacture of high performance fibre optic interconnect devices for the global telecommunications industry. Based in Mayo.

Irish Precision Optics

Manufacturer of high-end, custom precision optics for high specification applications across the UV/VUV, visible and IR. Based in Cork.


Specialise in the production of advanced software for use in Aerospace, Aeronautics, Industrial and Medical Imaging markets. Based in Dublin.


Providing 3D visualisation of technical apparatus. Based in Dublin.

Daysha Consulting

Providing concurrent design software solutions. Based in Dublin.


Providing software testing and quality analysis. Based in Dublin.

Airtel ATN

An independent supplier of data communication solutions for the aerospace industry. Based in Dublin.


Providing technologies to improve communication between wireless devices. Based in Kerry.

Ammeon Ltd.

Involved in satellite, multicast and interactive broadcast services. Based in Dublin.

Advanced Engineering Solutions Ltd.

Specialising in the computational testing of engineering processes and techniques. Based in Dublin.

Numa Engineering Services

A computational engineering services company specialising in the provision of design & analysis skills for a range of industries. Based in Meath.