INAM2016 – Schedule

Irish National Astronomy meeting 2016
Clinton Auditorium UCD

Wednesday 7th September

18:30 to 20:00                                             Registration and Welcome Reception
School of Physics,
Science Centre North
UCD Belfield

Thursday 8th September

Session 1: LOFAR – The Low Frequency Array, Chair: Paul Callanan

               9:00                        Prof Orla Feely, UCD VP for Research, Innovation and Impact

9:05 to 9:25                                                Peter Gallagher, Trinity College Dublin

I-LOFAR Progress Report and Future Science

9:25 to 9:40                                                 Justin Bray, University of Manchester

Searching for antiquark nuggets with lunar radio

9:40 to 9:55*                                      Diana Elena Morosan, Trinity College Dublin

LOFAR Tied-array Imaging and Spectroscopy of
Solar Radio Bursts

9:55 to 10:10                                                   Aline Vidotto, Trinity College Dublin

Prospects for detecting exoplanets with LOFAR

10:10 to 10:25*                        Alex Clarke, University of Manchester, Jodrell Bank
Centre for Astrophysics

A New Giant Radio Galaxy, discovered with LOFAR

10:25 to 10:40*                                   Therese Cantwell, University of Manchester

Low frequency observations of NGC 6251

10:40 to 10:55                      David Mulcahy, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

The magnetic fields of external galaxies
observed with LOFAR

11 to 11:30                            COFFEE BREAK

Session 2:  Chair: Matt Redman

11:30 to 11:50                        Anna Scaife, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

SNOWFAR: Probing the ionosphere with KAIRA

11:50 to 12:10                      Mike Burton, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

The Mopra Southern Galactic Plane CO Survey

12:10 to 12:25                                 Morgan Fraser, University of Cambridge and
University College Dublin

The first data release from the Gaia mission

12:25 to 12:40*                                           Cormac Larkin, Armagh Observatory

Photometric data mining and the search for
massive stars  in the SMC

12:40 to 12:55*                                                          James Barrett, NUI Galway

A pipeline using a 3D radiative transfer code to produce
spectral cube models of ALMA data

12:55 to 13:10                                      Ernst de Mooij, Queens University Belfast

A new way to characterise transiting exo-ring systems
around fast rotating stars


13:15 to 14:30                           LUNCH

Session 3: Ireland and ESO, Chair: Paul Callanan

14:30 to 15:15                            Tim de Zeeuw, European Southern Observatory

Building the World’s Largest Telescopes at ESO

15:15 to 15:45                           Robert Laing, European Southern Observatory

ALMA: Science and Future Development

15:45 to 16:15                       Michele Cirasuolo, European Southern Observatory

The European Extremely Large Telescope

              16:15 to 16:45                            COFFEE BREAK and Posters

Session 4: Ireland and ESO, Chair: Tom Ray

16:45 to 17:00                                                 Brian Espey, Trinity College Dublin

Industry Benefits of Joining ESO

17:00 to 17:15                                                         Andrew Shearer, NUI Galway

High Time Resolution Astrophysics : Fast photometry with
the E-ELT and Micado

17:15 to 17:30                   Alessio Caratti o Garatti, Dublin Institute for Advanced

Accretion Bursts over the mass spectrum of young stellar
objects: the ESO view

17:30 to 17:45                                                   Jose Groh, Trinity College Dublin

Probing the evolution of the most massive stars with the
ESO instruments

17:45 to 18:00                                                  Jorick Vink, Armagh Observatory

Massive Stars with VLT-FLAMES and future multi-object

18:00 to 18:15                                      Erkki Kankare, Queens University Belfast

                                         PESSTO: Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey for Transient Object

            18:15 to 19:30                      Social Event – Clinton Auditorium

                   20:00                  Dr. Grant Miller, University of Oxford

                                     The Accelerating Expansion of the Zooniverse

Friday 9th September

Session 5: Chair Peter Gallagher

9:15 to 9:30                                          Sophie Murray, Trinity College Dublin

HELCATS-Connecting Coronal Mass Ejections to their Solar
Active Region Sources

9:30 to 9:45                             Jordan Guerra Aguilera, Trinity College Dublin

Solar Magnetic Data Analysis for the FLARECAST Project

9:45 to 10:00 *                                   Aoife Mc Closkey, Trinity College Dublin

Flaring Rates Associated with Sunspot Group Evolution

10:00 to 10:15                           Michele Bannister, Queen’s University Belfast

Discovery of a dwarf planet candidate in the 9:2 resonance with Neptune

10:15 to 10:30*                              Meabh Hyland, Queen’s University Belfast

Measuring water sublimation rates in comets

10:30 to 10:45*                                            Rok Nezic, Armagh Observatory

Cometary dust particles and polarised light
a modelling perspective

           10:45 to 11:15                         COFFEE BREAK and Posters

                     Session 6: Chair Lorraine Hanlon

11:15 to 11:30*                               Mark Magee, Queen’s University Belfast

SN 2015H and a look at explosion models for SNe 1ax

11:30 to 11:45        Patrick Kavanagh, Dublin institute for Advanced Studies

The X-ray population of supernova remnants in the Large
Magellanic Cloud

11:45 to 12:00*                                Mark Kennedy, University College Cork

XMM-Newton Observations of the Peculiar Cataclysmic
Variable Lanning 386: Hot, Sexy and Magnetic?

12:00 to 12:15*             Carlo Romoli, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Cut-off Characterisation of Energy Spectra of Bright Fermi
Sources: current instrument limits and future possibilities

12:15 to 12:30*                                                      Laura Boyle, NUI Galway

Planets and Planetary Nebulae: The Frequency of Shaping
by Substellar Companions

12:30 to 12:45*                               David Murphy, University College Dublin

Optical Monitoring of V404 Cygni in Outburst with the
Watcher Robotic Telescope

12:45 to 13:45                           LUNCH

Session 7: Chair Turlough Downes

13:45 to 14:00*                        Eimante Kalinauskaite, Maynooth University

The development of efficient horn antenna feeds for
for radio telescopes

14:00 to 14:15*                                                   Eoin O’Connor, NUI Galway

HTRA with GASP: First Results

14:15 to 14:30*   Donna Rodgers-Lee, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Low energy protostellar cosmic rays in protoplanetary disks

14:30 to 14:45*              John Regan, Institute of Computational Cosmology
Durham University

SWIFT – The drive towards ExaScale Computing

14:45 to 15:00*                                       Michael Walls, Dublin City University

Examining molecular clouds in the Galactic Centre region
using X-ray reflection spectra simulations

15:00 to 15:15        Kyle Parfrey, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory / UC

Simulating Jets from Black Holes and Millisecond Pulsars

 Special Career Talk

15:15 to 15:45                                                      Neal Ó Riain, Pivigo Talk

What is Data Science?

                    15:45 to 16:15                           COFFEE BREAK and Posters

16:15 to 16:30                             Niall Smith, Cork Institute for Technology
Blackrock Castle Observatory

National Space Week and the International Space University

16:30 to 17:00     Cormac O’Raifeartaigh,Waterford Institute of Technology

Astronomy, general relativity and the universe: the first 100 years

Presentation of Peter Curran Award for Best Student Talk

Meeting End